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here], interphase microtubules form hoop-like system; metaphase spindle anastral, predictive preprophase band [with microtubules and F-actin; where new cell wall will form], phragmoplast [cell wall deposition centrifugal, from around the anaphase spindle], plasmodesmata ; antheridia and archegonia jacketed, surficial; blepharoplast , centrioles develop de novo, bicentriole pair coaxial, separate at midpoint, centrioles rotate, associated with basal bodies of cilia, multilayered structure [4 layers: L1, L4, tubules; L2, L3, short vertical lamellae] (0), spline [tubules from L1 encircling spermatid], basal body 200-250 nm long, associated with amorphous electron-dense material, microtubules in basal end lacking symmetry, stellate array of filaments in transition zone extended, axonemal cap 0 [microtubules disorganized at apex of cilium]; male gametes [spermatozoids] with a left-handed coil, cilia 2, lateral; oogamy; sporophyte multicellular, cuticle , plane of first cell division transverse [with respect to long axis of archegonium/embryo sac], sporangium and upper part of seta developing from epibasal cell [towards the archegonial neck, exoscopic], with at least transient apical cell [? Here this character has been pegged at a higher level in the phylogeny (see core rosids). (2003) characterise the rosids as having receptacular nectaries; but Vitales have gynoecial nectaries and basal to this clade Proteaceae, and perhaps Sabiaceae, also have receptacular nectaries (Smets 1988). (2016) note that ectomycorrhizal associations in angiosperms are commonest in this clade. 2003) reported on an extensive survey of larval host plants of British lepidoptera which they thought could be extended - with care - more globally, noting that caterpillars of basal Lepidoptera-Glossata (butterflies and moths with a coilable proboscis) tended to be found on woody rosid I (Fabidae) plants, normally as leaf miners or other non-exposed life styles (see also Ward et al. Since mines attributed to basal glossatan Neptulicidae have been reported from fossil magnoliid and protealean leaves, among others (see Menken et al.

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Many of the bolded characters in the characterization above are apomorphies of subsets of streptophytes along the lineage leading to the embryophytes, not apomorphies of crown-group embryophytes per se. Evolution: Much crown group diversification within this clade probably occurred within a narrow time interval of 5-15 m.y. For a possible genome duplication, see Tuskan et al. (2007); it is probably to be placed immediately basal to the core eudicot node. Taxa that have cuticle wax platelets as rosettes are scattered through this group, but they are especially common in Fabaceae and there are also several Malpighiales (see Ditsch & Barthlott 1997 for details).

All groups below are crown groups, nearly all are extant. Fossils are somewhat younger, and those assignable to rosids as a whole are ca 94 m.y.o., and those to Saxifragales ca 90 m.y. Where the loss of the chloroplast inf A gene is to be placed is unclear (see Millen et al. Distinctive mucilage cells with a much thickened mucilaginous inner periclinal wall and distinct cytoplasm are found in flowers especially in this broader group, but they are not yet reported from Geraniales (Matthews & Endress 2006b). 1999: Vitales not included), albeit with little support. (2010, 2011) found that although [Saxifragales, Vitales, rosids] formed a strongly-supported clade, it was unclear whether Vitales were sister to Saxifragales, to rosids, or to [Saxifragales rosids]; support for the latter position increased with reduced taxon sampling. (2010) also recovered a [Saxifragales Vitales] clade sister to rosids in maximum likelihood but not in maximum parsimony analyses, and this also appeared in most analyses in Ruhfel et al.

[Anthocerophyta Polysporangiophyta]: gametophyte leafless; archegonia embedded/sunken [only neck protruding]; sporophyte long-lived, chlorophyllous; cell walls with xylans.

Sporophyte with photosynthetic red light response, stomata open in response to blue light; plant homoiohydrous [water content of protoplasm relatively stable]; control of leaf hydration passive; plant endohydrous [physiologically important free water inside plant]; sporophyte with polar auxin transport, PIN [auxin efflux facilitator] involved; (condensed or nonhydrolyzable tannins/proanthocyanidins ); xyloglucans with side chains uncharged [?

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Mr Singh’s team has been contacted by : “There is absolutely nothing wrong in what the minister did.” He said: “One cannot suppress nature’s call for long.